How to fix your "Windows Computer Registry"

Computer maintenance? PC's are more and more vulnerable these days. It's not only viruses or spyware that you need to protect your computer from, but also from your operating system clutter up.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Determine if your computer is safe
Proceed to step 2
Virus scanner and firewall active and updated?
Does your computer have a working virus scanner like McAfee,Kasperski,NOD, Norton, AVG or Avast?
Is your windows firewall active (check this in your windows security settings).
Hard drive(s) defragmented?
Start button -->(right click)-->explorer --> choose harddrive (usually C drive) and right click on the C drive-->properties-->Tab "Tools"-->defragment (now) this can take a while when this has never been done before (let it run at night)
Use a free scan of a registry cleaner to check the status of your windows registry. Why? Because if the registry is fragmented this might well be the reason for your computer to run slow or even possibly crash your system (check my pc link website to find out about windows registry cleaning)
Items needed
  • windows based computer, Operating systems XP,Vista,2000
Overall tips
  • Follow the given steps and make sure your scanners are up to date and run at least once a week!
Overall warnings
  • No warnings