How To Get involved in Clean Train Coalition

Metrolinx is planning to run more than 350 diesel trains every day on the Union Station to Georgetown rail corridor without fully considering the people who will be affected the most. These diesel trains will be spewing fumes and dividing our neighbourhoods.
Clean Transit is Possible
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Use clean-running, quiet and light weight electric trains
Eliminate the harmful effects of diesel pollution
Maintain and enhance neighbourhood connections
Prevent the division and isolation of communities along the corridor
Create accessible and affordable transit for everyone
Ensure this public infrastructure project provides a lasting benefit to us all
Items needed
  • Our city deserves a clean, effective and modern transportation system. Now is the time to build a transit solution that will benefit all of us and serve our region for decades to come. The solution should:
Overall tips
  • What can YOU do? Are you concerned about the harmful environmental, social and economic effects of the proposed plan? We need your help to ensure that this transportation project is a clean and healthy solution for the GTA.