How to Look and Feel Younger: 4 Simple Steps

How young are you going to feel when you look in the mirror each morning and see a wrinkled face staring back at you? Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to both look and feel younger and many of them are quite simple. Read on to learn how.
Difficulty: Easy
Tip #1: Healthy skin looks younger.
You can’t expect to look younger when your skin is in terrible condition. That’s why it’s important to practice good skin care habits and start them as early in life as possible. So, take a look at your current skin care regimen and see where you can make improvements. And, for the younger women and girls in your life, make sure they’re off to a good start with their own skin care programs so they can minimize problems in the future.
Tip #2: Shoulder-length hair flatters women of all ages.
Unless you’re positive that another cut makes you look your best, you can’t go wrong with a shoulder-length hairstyle. It flatters all types of hair textures, face shapes and ages. A good general rule is to keep your so that it falls somewhere between your chin and shoulders. You may also want to consider soft, side-swept bangs. Not only are they flattering for most women, they also help to camouflage a forehead with fine lines or wrinkles.
Tip #3: Your choice of lipstick can add or subtract years.
Select a color and texture of lipstick that compliments your features and helps you look younger. Avoid darker brown shades and lipsticks that have a matte texture as both can add years to your appearance. Take some time to find a shade that’s flattering on you. Keep in mind that lighter shades usually make you look younger.
Tip #4: Creamy cosmetics are better for aging skin.
When it comes to blush and eye shadow, creamy types are best as you get older. The reason is because the powder versions, while easier to use at first, tend to settle in fine lines and wrinkles commonly found on aging skin. This settling can highlight those areas you’re trying to minimize. If you’ve started to experience these first signs of aging, give creamy cosmetics a try to see if there’s an improvement in the look of your skin.
Overall tips
  • Simply tackle the ones that seem most appropriate for your situation and do them one at a time. There’s no reason to get overwhelmed and stress yourself out; the added stress could make you look and feel older yet! To learn more about anti aging skin care products, go to http://www.beautyandhealthcare.org/anti-aging-wrinkle-cream-find-the-best-anti-aging-wrinkle-cream-for-your-skin now. Read our honest reviews to find the best anti aging wrinkle cream for your skin.