How to Prepare for an Examination

Just to sum up what must be done when a pupil must prepare himself to write the different subjects of an examination.
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
*Work through note books available to obtain the necessary knowlege.
*Consult the manuals supplied for the different subjects.
*In order to memorise the contents of note books and manuals,speak it
out loud, when preparing.
Items needed
  • Notebooks, manuals, all the information what is needed to write and to be successful in an examination.
Overall tips
  • -- 1. Study regularly during the school quarter or year. -- 2. Keep note books up to date from day to day. -- 3. Discuss problems with the teacher.
Overall warnings
  • -- 1. Do not underestimate any subject. -- 2 Do not wait till the last moment to prepare for writing subjects.