How To Remove Stuck Golf Spikes

Ever have a plastic spike that just wouldn't come out of your golf shoe even when you tried using a spike wrench? Here's a few tips to get it out without ruining the shoe
Difficulty: Moderate
First step is to clean the spike as best you can using the pliers to dig out dirt and the cloth to clean the plastic. Spray some WD-40 where the spike and socket meet. Wait about 5 minutes to let the WD-40 do it's thing.
Put the shoe on your left hand and using the hammer, tap on the sides of the sole and around the spike. Basically what this is doing is setting up a vibration to loosen dirt and debris inside the socket.
Take the needle nose pliers and insert into the holes in the spike and twist. You can get pretty aggressive with the twisting as it will not harm the shoe.
If that doesn't do it, bring out the drill. Drill into the spike holes making them deeper. Make sure you don't drill into the shoe itself. Spay a little more WD-40 and then remove the spike with the needle nose pliers.
If that doesn't work, Google golf shoes and find the best deal you can for a new pair
Items needed
  • A can of WD-40 with the red applicator nozzle
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Electric Drill
  • 1/16 inch drill bit
  • Wet cloth
  • hammer
Overall tips
  • The best tip is to not allow your spikes to get stuck in the first place. Remove them and clean both the spikes and the sockets after every four or five rounds and you won't have to bring out the electric drill.
Overall warnings
  • If you have to deepen the holes in the spike using a drill, go slow and make sure you don't drill into the shoe. You are just trying to go deep enough so you can get some leverage for the pliers.