How to Train with Pads or Focus Mitts

Working the pads is used for improving and developing many attributes.
• Correct timing
• Correct feel of distance
• Reflexes
• Balance
Difficulty: Moderate
Training the reflexes from a static position (static before the hit not necessarily during). From the moment the pad is raised we try to hit it as fast as possible with one strike or a combination.

The emphasis here should be on hitting with the proper technique while training our reflexes and correct timing - depending on the martial arts technique theory (text link). In most cases we should beware not to load the strike, for it will make us slower.
The same drill but now in motion of both the trainer and trainee. From the moment the pad is raised we must strike as fast as possible. The trainer stops his movement the same time as he raises the pad.

In this exercise we add an emphasis - learning “our distance” before and during the strike.
The same drill as the last, only now the trainer continues moving after lifting the pad. The emphasis now is on our position after the hit.

During the drills the trainer attacks from time to time.

Items needed
  • 1. Focus Mitts or Pads
  • 2. A training partner
Overall tips
  • Working the pads can simulate various fighting situations and technique emphasis. One way of looking at it, can be that the lifting of the focus mitt simulates an opening in our opponents defense. During training, it is important to understand, what we want to emphasis, simulate and accomplish. This will help us be more productive in our work outs and allow us to achieve better results in our development.