Install SEO for Firefox/Flock and how to use it

SEO for Firefox is a Firefox extension developed and provided by SEOBook.com. It provides useful marketing data which makes it easy to see what your competition is up to. This of course is a great tool for developing SEO strategy and tactics to improve your page ranking with both Google and Yahoo.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Step 1: Once you’ve accomplished Firefox installation the next step is to visit http://tools.seobook.com/firefox/seo-for-firefox.html and follow the directions to install. You’ll have to be using Firefox to install SEO for Firefox correctly.
Next, it will ask you to restart Firefox. Go ahead and do that. Once Firefox restarts go ahead and conduct a Google or Yahoo search on anything that pops into your mind. Search Rock climbing for example. If SEO for Firefox is working, you’ll see a menu of information under each search result. The information will contain:
- Page Rank
- Google Cache Date
- Age
- del.icio.us
- Links
- .edu Links
- .gov Links
- Page Links
- .edu Page Links
- Technorati
- Alexa
- Compete.com Rank
- Compete.com Uniques
- Trends
- Cached
- Dmoz
- Bloglines
- dir.yahoo.com
- Botw
- Whois
Items needed
  • First things first, if you’re not using Firefox as your browser, download it and install it.
Overall tips
  • SEO Firefox also offers a bit of customization. You can choose: * Auto – which automatically pulls in all the data points whenever you search with Google or Yahoo * On-Demand – which shows you the available data categories but not the results unless you click on them. and * Hidden – which enables you to hide data you do not fine useful. For example if the Whois information is irrelevant to you then you can hide that date when you search.
Overall warnings
  • To change your settings, they’re automatically set for On-Demand, simply visit the Tools menu on your Firefox toolbar. Click on it and in the drop down menu choose SEO for Firefox Options. You’ll then see another drop down menu where you can choose your settings.