Editorial Guidelines

In order to maintain the highest quality How-To site, we have a few simple guidelines that authors must follow. Please read through these guidelines before you submit an article to ensure quick approval by our editors.

1. Any article that you submit MUST be your own original work. This is the most important guideline. We take plagarism very seriously and if any author breaks this rule, we will ban them from the system (by name, IP address, and Adsense Publisher ID) and report their Google Adsense ID to Google.

2. Authors may not submit advertisements, press releases, or any sort of promotional material that serves a personal or third party interest. HowHub is a hub for information, not a market for your products or websites.

3. Articles must not be too short. This is a loose guideline, and all topics will be a little bit different. Use your own judgement and you will be fine. If your article contains 1 step and no tips, warnings, resources, etc, we will more than likely decline it.

4. We do not allow any html in articles.

5. We do not allow articles written in ALL CAPS. This annoys our readers and is considered shouting on the internet.

6. You may include links in resources section of each article. We will check the linked page and make sure it is a quality site. We do not allow links to sites that promote hate, porn, racism, violence, and other offensive topics.

7. We do not publish articles that contain material related to porn, violence, hate, pirating, hacking, illicit drugs, etc. Any other content that is in violation of US laws is also prohibited. You know the drill.

8. Article titles must accurately describe the content of the article.

9. User avatars must be suitable for our younger readers.

10. Categories must be the closest match for the topic of your article. We reserve the right to change your chosen category at any time.

11. Articles must be written in English with correct grammar, punctiation, and spelling.

12. Do not submit the same article more than once. For example: "How to find a lawer in Austin" should not be resubmitted as "How to find a lawyer in Dallas". Each article must be unique. It is ok if the articles share SOME of the same information.

We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.