The Coconut Messenger; How to Make an Original Hawaiian Luau Invitation

Part of the fun when throwing a party is sending out the invitations and the anticipation of a great response. You will often find the more creative and interactive the invitation the more excited the guests will be. Here is an original one for a Hawaiian Luau. I call it 'The Coconut Messenger'.
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Make the paper invite, keep it simple such as a handwritten note, or printed paper such as parchemnt using a cool font.
If you have a laminating machine handy then laminate it as this will protect it, but if not just roll the invite into a tight scroll and wrap in plastic wrap ready to be inserted into the fresh coconut.
For the purpose of this exercise we will need to drain the coconut water as we are going to insert the invitation into the coconut and deliver it unopened. To drain the water you will need to open one of the eyes, the three spots found on one end of the coconut. You can do this using a hammer and clean nail, a screw-driver or corkscrew. Make sure one of the eyes is opened wide enough for you to insert the invitation scroll.
Now place the coconut over a glass and allow the water to drain, to make it drain faster you can make a hole in the tail end too. When you are satisfied the coconut has been drained long enough you can insert the invitation through the eye.
Your guests will need instructions on cracking open the coconut, after all, opening a coconut when you don't know how can be a tad difficult, so your instructions could read like this:

I am the Coconut Messenger! I have two eyes, a mouth and a tail, and, I have a message inside...Open me!
Hold me in your hand with your thumb on my mouth and my tail facing the tip of your fingers...turn me around till you find my back, an obvious line. Now give me a good hard whack right on my back with a hammer and I will open to reveal my message to you!
Attach the note to the coconut with a piece of twine or raffia and leave on their doorstep.
Items needed
  • As many coconuts as you have guests Coloured paper for the invitation Card stock or paper for the instructions Rafia or twine A screw driver, corkscrew or hammer and nail Laminating machine if possible