Tips on How to Lose Weight for Free

How much money are you spending every month for weight loss programs, weight loss advice, or personal trainers? Most likely too much. This article will show some great ways to lose weight that won't cost you anything.
Difficulty: Moderate
Did you know that there are a ton of weight loss online communities that are free for you to use? I have included some links in the resource page to give you places to start. I am a member of one of them myself. To date in the last 6 weeks I have lost 12 pounds for free.
Join one of these sites. Most of them count your calories for you, both your intake (food you eat) and your loss (calories you burn). They also provide you a wealth of knowledge through articles that are free for you to read. The final thing that these sites offer is support of others who have similar goals as you.
If you live in an apartment that has a gym use this facility instead of paying a monthly membership fee to go to a gym. It seems a simple change but would surprise you how many people keep their gym membership when they have one available to them for free at their own apartment.

If you live in a house and don't have gym equipment, start by walking or hiking. Walk to the store if it is only a couple blocks away. Walk whenever you have the opportunity over taking a car. If you have a bike, ride your bike. All of these are free and most of them are available without a purchase.
Another free thing you can do is catch an exercise program on cable, if you work tape it and do this later in the evening. Looking through your cable guide will give you local channel and times.

This step may help you save money but it is not necessarily free. Cut your portions down. Over the years America, in particular, has increased their portion size through marketing. You can see this if you go out to restaurants. Most weight loss sites will have you measure your portions to insure you are not eating to much.
Set small goals at first, five or ten pounds, achieve this and set the next goal. Hold yourself to your goals and reward yourself when you reach a goal.

Losing weight is a lot easier than we think it is. If you reduce our calories to a healthy number and get the right amount of exercise you will find that it really is something you can do for free or very little cost.

However, if you find that you are not losing weight in a healthy way you should see a doctor, and as always before starting a new weight loss program you should consult your doctor to make sure you are doing this the healthy way.

STAY COMMITTED TO losing the weight…
Items needed
  • Computer
  • Drive to be successful
Overall tips
  • * Whatever you choose to do to lose weight make sure you have fun doing it. * Stick with it.
Overall warnings
  • * Remember to always consult your doctor when starting a new exercise program and during the weight loss program if you are not getting the results the right way.